Alcohol and Your Physique

Most heavy lifters avoid alcohol like the plague, the infamous “beer belly” being a key reason for avoidance. For most, sacrificing hours lifting in the gym for a pint or two at the end of the week simply isn’t worth it. But with the festive period upon us, surely a couple beers won’t harm you?

We look into the best way to enjoy a beverage or two without compromising your physique.

First things first; it’s important to know WHY alcohol is so bad for your body. Alcohol is a toxin, and when you consume it your body has to work hard to remove it. Whilst undergoing this process, your body doesn’t have time to store nutrients, digest food, or absorb things properly. It’s all put on hold as your body prioritises shifting the toxins out. Over time, this can lead to increased fat storage and an overall poor health.

And along with an increased alcohol intake usually means a rise in drunkenly fumbling through the fridge for a pre-bedtime snack. It’s very difficult to properly judge your mac intake after 5 pints when you’re craving cals!

But don’t panic - there IS a way to enjoy alcohol without wrecking all your hard work.

  1. Plan your sesh. If you know you’re going out drinking in the evening, eat smart during the day. The goal is to consume 90% of your proteins before you go out drinking, while keeping fat and carbs to a minimum.
  2. Drink alcohol low in calories. Opt for light beer, or use light soda as a mixer for hard liquors.
  3. Plan your snack. We all get hungry after a heavy session out, so keep some pre-made chicken and rice ready for your return. Avoid junk food – it will be your downfall!
  4. Squeeze in an extra workout. Make up for those extra consumed calories by burning them off. HIIT is the best workout for this as it’s quick and efficient.

With a little bit of planning, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a pint or two – but remember, drink safely.

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