Change Your Mindset & Achieve Your Goal

Have you ever had that drive and motivation to achieve a new goal? Whether it’s a new workout regime or getting to the gym more, in the kitchen, or even at work, that feeling of impending change and of taking control are your life is really powerful!

But then within two weeks you’re back in the same old routine.

We’ve all been there – but why do most people fail to achieve their goals and make them stick? We look at some of the best ways to help you achieve your goal.

Don't make your goal unachievable

Making your goal too daunting can lead to failure. A classic weight-loss goal such as "I want to lose 2 stoneis far from specific and can be easily be given up on. With no time frame this goal is easily put off for "tomorrow".

"I want to lose 2lb a week for the next 3 months"

Making the weight-loss goal smaller and also giving yourself a clear deadline will lead to you achieving it much easier - and with it being simpler you may also find you are able to lose more than someone else with an unrealistic BIG target.

The "How" and the "What"

Most goals fail because they simply don't have enough detail. "I'm going to workout more" is a goal destined to fail. Much like the unrealistic weight-loss goal, this isn't specific enough to help you make it an achievable goal.

"I'm going to workout for 30 minutes four times a week"

By adding the amount you will increase your level of exercise you will find it much harder to keep putting off. Psychologically you are readying yourself to make sure you hit your target.

You can also include HOW you will get your four workouts will further secure your success. "I'm going to workout for 30 minutes in the gym three times a week and attend a weekly spin class.- Perfect.

Don't go it alone

Tell someone your goal! When you share your target is you are more likely to succeed. If you keep your goal a secret then there is less incentive to see it through - once you've told somebody what it is you become accountable for any slip-ups or failures. This can work as a huge motivator.

Going to the gym with a friend, joining a class, or even competing with people on fitness apps like Strava - teaming up to tackle a mutual goal can be really beneficial as you are able to stay motivated by each other, even on days when you really can't be bothered. Let's be honest...we're all competitive at heart.

Change is a balancing act

When you decide on a new goal, it is important to consider how this will balance with the other parts of your life.

If your goal is to "go to the gym every week day" but you haven't thought about how this new addition to your schedule will fit in with your other life commitments - work, family and social events - it will be much more difficult to maintain. This approach ends with a lot of "I can't find the time".

"I will go to the gym every week day before work"

By adding in a time when you intend to fit in your goal will make it far easier to mentally tackle and allow it to work around the rest of your day.

Don't give up

It only take 21 days for a routine to become a habit - you'll find that once you have achieved your initial goal your don't want to go back to the way you were before. Maintain that healthy target weight, keep going to that spin class, pack your bag the night before so you can fit in the gym before work - all of these once short term goals can become a healthy & active lifestyle. Just don't give up.


Get in touch and let us know what your new goal is, or keep tagging us in your pictures on social media - we love to hear and see you smashing your goals!

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