Our Top Picks For CrossFit

If you’re a CrossFitter, you’ll know the sheer strength, stamina and determination this sport demands. To cope with the heady mix of heavy lifting and intense cardio with little to no rest, a good diet, plenty of sleep and lots of water are all ways to ensure your body will cope with it physically, but supplements will take you to the next level, ensuring your body heals in good time and giving you plenty of energy to push yourself further.

Here’s our supplement recommendations if you’re ready to be your absolute best and maximise your performance!


Getting enough protein should be the primary concern for anyone who participates in such a high-level, strenuous activity such as CrossFit! It helps repair and build muscles, ensuring your body recovers faster and builds those nice, lean muscles you’ve been working so hard for. Try

BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid)

When protein is broken down, it becomes BCAA. There are three branched chain amino acids, the most important being Leucine as it’s responsible for muscle synthesis and growth. It’s perfect for using before a heavy session – which, in CrossFit, is EVERY session!

Depending on the ratio of the three amino acids, you want to be taking between 3.5g  – 5g on Leucine, as that is the amount needed to trigger protein synthesis. As most have the ratio of 2:1:1; then you are looking at about 7g -10g.

Fish Oils

Studies have shown that getting enough fish oil in your diet can help you gain more muscle by increasing synthesis and decreasing degradation, as well as helping fight against inflammation, which in turn helps you to recover quicker!

To maximise the benefits, a dose of between 2g -4g of EPA and DHA combined daily is advised. With most brands of fish oil, that is around 7g a day.

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is a great supplement for helping delay fatigue, ensuring you can power on longer during a workout. As it’s stored in the cells, it’s best to take between 3g – 5g throughout the day (it can be taken all at once but this may result in a slight tingling effect, which is nothing to worry about but might feel unpleasant to some).


Taking 5g – 10g of this supplement a day can help us produce more energy (ATP) when our bodies are under stress – very handy when you’re struggling through an intense workout. It’s one of the best, most researched supplements on the market

Multivitamins and ZMA

No matter how strict your diet, taking multivitamins can always help top up vital vitamins and nutrients needed in our bodies for ultimate health. A lot of Western diets are lacking in these essential vits, so taking a daily multivitamin can provide multiple benefits, such as illness recovery, improved energy, and improved cognitive function.

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