Fad Diets – The Bad, The Mad And The Dangerous

If you look hard enough, there is very little you can’t learn from some excellent sources, along with more scientific papers on the subject, than you could were just the privilege of athletes who could afford a dietitian.

Fad Diets

Unfortunately, the internet and search engines also left a massive opportunity to people who simply just want to make a quick buck off everyone who wishes they had a few pounds less fat and more importantly, those who wanted to lose it quickly, with no effort involved.

I was already aware of quite a few of these diets and companies, but as I looked into the subject at greater length, the more worrying the whole topic became. A number of these diets involved nothing but liquid, with no source of protein and lacked a wide variety of the essential vitamins and minerals needed for our bodies to perform, even at the most basic of levels. What worried me most at this point is wondering whether people actually performed exercise whilst they were on these diets.

Even with no exercise at all, if you take on no protein, then your body is going to resort to using what muscle you have as a source of energy. So yes, you may lose weight, but you’re not going to be losing much fat, as your body will be holding on to that, as it will now be in starvation and survival mode, due to you starving it of any food.

Two of these diets that really stand out as being dangerous are the Lemonade Diet (sometimes called the Master Cleanse Diet) and The Hollywood Diet. The idea being, that you take this one drink for all your nutritious needs and that’s it. Some of the ingredients in both drinks are actually quite beneficial to burning fat and speeding up metabolism, but only as a supplement to a healthy rounded diet.

As we require amino acids to repair, not just grow muscle, then a lack of these in our diet is going to hinder that process in our bodies. The main source of amino acids come from our protein intake and therefore are completely lacking in these diets, making them detrimental where any form of exercise is concerned.

As I delved further into a plethora of sites, containing numerous diets, all with some name a marketing team had spent a few days pondering over, I came across one that had been mentioned to me by a friend before; The Blood Type Diet.

This is the idea that your blood type in some way has a direct impact on what type of foods you should eat. This simply just isn’t true, or if it is, we simply have no scientific backing that even suggests, never mind proves this suggestion. Yet somehow, the author has had a string of successful books published, including diet books for the four main blood types. It’s not that this is anyway going to danger your health, just that the whole idea has no real backing.

Whilst on the subject of fad diets, it would seem unfair not to mention the point scheme diet. This is where you have a book with all different points in for every food or product you can imagine.  You then have a certain amount of points that you are allowed to use per day. I’m not saying that you can’t lose weight on diets like this, just that they fail to take many things into account. It doesn’t monitor the amounts of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that you take in or even give you a structure to take them in. I’ve known people just to eat fruit and rice cakes all day and wonder why they hadn’t lost any weight. On top of that, they charge you!

As I mentioned at the start, there is so much information available for you to put together your own diet and we have mentioned a few in previous articles. The best thing to do, is to research the diet from a collection of different sources and see if you can find any scientific studies to back it up.

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