Handy Supplements for Beating That Hangover

Let’s be honest – we all tend to over-indulge during the festive period, and why shouldn’t we? Christmas is a time to relax, kick back with a couple beers and enjoy ourselves. But when you’ve spent the year lifting heavy and training hard, you don’t want to sacrifice a whole day for hangover recovery.

Here are some of our helpful supplements to help you keep your head clear and your body healthy – meaning you can enjoy that extra glass or two a during dinner, without compromising your fitness!

Vitamin C. Alcohol is known to deplete vitamin C in the body, so take a vitamin C supplement beforehand if you know you’re going to be drinking more than usual. Taking vitamin C the morning after a heavy night will also help you restore hydration – we recommend mixing an Betancourt Essentials Vitamin C tablet (which doesn’t contain harmful toxin aspartame like some top-end vitamin C tablets do) with a cold pint of water in the morning.


Multi-vitamins. Alcohol is a toxin, and can strip your body of essential vitamins and minerals. Replace them with a supplement to keep your body healthy and happy. Choose a supplement that’s a 2-in-1, like Protalean Optimiz-R Multivitamin.


Milk Thistle. As we all know, alcohol affects the liver. As our bodies largest internal organ, it regularly works overtime breaking down food and converting it into energy for when you need it. Milk Thistle is a popular supplement to take as it increases liver function, helping it remove the toxins that alcohol leaves behind. For best results, take a Protalean Milk Thistle Capsule before and after you go out drinking.


Water! An obvious one, but don’t forget to re-hydrate your body. Alcohol and certain foods can be very dehydrating ; dehydration ages you faster, raises your blood pressure, puts your heart under strain and can raise your blood cholesterol. Simply drink 6-8 glasses of water a day to prevent it!

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