Lose That Festive Fat For Good

Christmas has come and gone, but you're still left with those extra couple of pounds caused by festive over-indulging. We can all be guilty of this but it's important to not let this become your new diet plan! We have a few tips, not just to help you lose the extra weight...but to keep it off!

Lose Festive Fat For Good

Diet & Nutrition

Aim for a healthy lifestyle and not a celebrity endorsed crash diet.

We’ve gone through a few of these fad diets before, but we will say it again, “Stay Clear!”. These might help you lose the weight, but won't leave you with the tools and motivation to keep it off. They are quick fixes and rarely last.

There are a few really simple tweaks you can make to your diet that will allow you to make some impressive headway.

1 - Cutting Back On Simple Carbs...

Things are white bread and pasta can be replaced with wholemeal versions. Sweets, chocolate and fizzy/sugary drinks - after all the damage done by those Selection Boxes over Christmas, these need to a treat and not a staple in your diet.

2 - Drink More Water

A fully hydrated body is a more efficient body and we use water to convert food into energy as well. Always have a bottle of water close by throughout the day to ensure you stay hydrated. There are even Apps out there that can help track your water consumption now that can be really helpful for those of you that struggle to drink enough water.

Stay Hydrated

3 - Fruit & Vegetables

Don't get bogged down with the constantly changing "5-a-day" phrase...just make sure you get a good mixture of fruit and vegetables to ensure you are getting the full range of vital vitamins and minerals. This is even more important when you lead an active lifestyle. You can supplement with a multivitamin to ensure that you are reaching your required levels.

4 - Protein

Have a source of protein in every meal. This is vital with an active lifestyle. Protein provides your body with branched chain amino acids, which are the building blocks of muscle, allowing you not just to gain muscle, but repair the damage you incur during training. Muscle growth allows for a faster, more productive metabolism which will have you burning more calories even after exercising. A whey protein shake immediately after training will help you recover quicker, meaning you will be fit and ready for your next session.

Exercise & Fitness

Regular gym goers will know that January is an interesting time. Between New Year’s Resolutioners and those wanting that perfect beach body the gym is full. It's important to remember, there is no such thing as quick fix when it comes to sustained fat loss. Here are a few tips to push your training in the right direction to make sure what you lose, stays lost.

Mix It Up In The Gym

We're not saying that running on a treadmill won’t help you at all and it’s definitely a step up from sitting on the sofa, but if you want to make an impact on your figure quickly you will have to mix it up.

CrossFit Exercise

1 - Make It High Intensity

If you’re going to do cardio, then make it high intensity. You can burn much more calories in a short space of time using this technique and it’s much less monotonous. You can still use your favourite cardio machine in the gym, just use a sprint then recover process. As you get fitter, you can make your sprint periods longer and your recovery periods shorter. Just three fifteen minutes sessions a week, can have a fantastic effect on both your fitness and figure.

2 - Don't Be Afraid Of Weights

We hear this a lot when we talk to people about their training - "I don't want to get too big". Weight training as part of your workout is the perfect tool for creating a lean, toned physique. Don't just use the weights machines either, lifting free weights will build much more core strength and aid your weight loss goal. The affects of lifting weights doesn’t just burn calories when you workout either, but for a prolonged period after as well, whilst your body is recovering.

3 - Stay Off The Scales

Remember that the scales aren’t a true judge of your progress, as muscle is much denser than fat. The best way to see how you are doing is through progress pictures and measurements give a better indication of how far you've come!


It sounds simple, "Diet & Exercise", but these tips will not only help you lose that Christmas weight, but also provide the building blocks for keeping it off!

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