Pre-Fight Training

I'm a professional boxer in the super feather weight division, currently training for my next bout. For boxing, like all sports, training is so important and can be so specific to what you are trying to achieve.

What my pre-fight training looks like:

A training “camp” consists of some serious hard work, strict nutrition plans and even more will power, drive and motivation. Being a boxer, we compete in 3 minute rounds, with 1 min between. Therefore, HIIT training is a must, building solid fitness and stamina. These are my core training techniques:

  • Intense circuit training

  • Boxing interval work

  • Hill sprints

  • Swimming

Boxing training needs good variety, using muscles in different ways to maximise performance. Along with slower fat burning runs to help maintain weight. Plenty of sparring and technique work, hand and foot drills, perfecting the fine art of the sport.

With my training I always know I've put such hard work in, and am ready to go to war on the day of the fight!


Louis Fielding

Team Dynamic Boxing
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