The 5 Best Supplements To Get You Back In Shape

You’re back in the gym, giving it your all and you've cleaned your diet up. Now that you’re on the right path, what supplements can really help you maximise your efforts, so you can get the most out of each session and help your body recover as quickly as possible.

getting fit back in shape best supplements

Here are our top 5 supplements to help you on your way

1)      Whey Protein

This would always be the first thing we would supplement a good diet with. Whey protein is quick acting and perfect as a post workout drink. Drinking one of these immediately after training will allow your muscles to both recover quickly and grow.

2)      Multivitamins

It’s very difficult to get all of your needed nutrients from a western diet. Supplementing these with a healthy diet will make sure your levels of vitamins and minerals are optimal, which is even more important when you are leading an active lifestyle.

3)       Omega 3 Fish Oil

Omega Fish Oil, also known as Essential Fatty Acids are also an extremely important part of our requirements, which we struggle to get the full fulfil directly from our diets. Found mainly in fish, they have numerous benefits, ranging from contributing to muscle growth, being an antioxidant and helping with inflammation caused by intense training.

4)      Beta Alanine

Perhaps the best supplement about to help increase endurance during high intensity training. It acts as a buffer to acid in the body, delaying the build up of lactic acid in the body, allowing your muscles to continue powering through whatever exercise it is you are performing. Due to it being stored in your cells as Carnosine, it is a supplement best taken every day, not just before you train.

5)      Creatine

One of the most studied supplements on the market, Creatine has been proven over and over to be able to improve your power output when your body is pushed towards its limit. Helping increase ATP levels, Creatine will let you get those few extra reps out every set. Like Beta Alanine, it needs to be taken every day.

Using these supplements along with a healthy diet and good training routine, will really help you get the ball moving in January.

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