Top Tips for Staying Fit Over the Holiday Period

The festive season is well and truly upon us, and we all know what that means… gorging on delicious foods until we’re too bloated to talk and can’t leave the sofa! But when you’ve spent all year lifting heavy and training hard, can you really find a way to enjoy what is, for most, the highlight of the Christmas season, without wrecking your progression?

We take a look at how to enjoy some festive treats without ruining your training!

1. Everything in proportion. Seems like an obvious one, but a key factor to maintaining maximum muscle with minimum fat is to be mindful of what you’re eating – don’t eat just for the sake of it! There’s no reason you can’t enjoy some pigs in blankets or challenge your brother to a who-can-eat-more-gravy contest; just remember calories should be spent carefully!

  1. Be mindful. If you can’t decide between that damn fine looking pavlova, or your Mum’s lovingly hand-made trifle, have both – but within reason! Take a small amount of each to satisfy that craving, but don’t stuff yourself to the brim – everything in moderation!
  1. Train. You’ve trained hard all year round, there’s no reason to stop now! Keep it short, sweet, and effective.
  1. Cardio. Upping your cardio during the festive season will help make up for that increased calorie intake. HIIT is best, as it’s less time-consuming and burns more fat.
  1. Eat slowly & make conversation. Enjoy yourself! You’re not going to lose your abs over one meal, so take your time, enjoy your food, chew slowly to help with digestion, make conversation (it’ll help you feel fuller), and have fun!

The festive period is a time to celebrate with friends & family, and recharge your batteries. Don’t ruin the fun by being overly strict – just be mindful, eat smart, keep moving, and enjoy yourself!

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