Training To Win In The Ring

This may sound obvious...boxing takes some serious commitment. Commitment to your training, to what you eat, and also to your rest and recovery.

Endurance and desire

You have to have both if you are going to drive yourself to succeed in the ring. As a professional fighter, training for a fight consists of 10 sessions a week - fitted around working full time, family and other life commitments. My training staples are: Running, Circuits, Strength & Conditioning, Sparring, Technique Sessions, Swimming...and all forms of HIIT.

It's a psychological sport

Boxing (or MMA) requires you to be physically AND mentally strong. You are alone in the ring. Believing in yourself and having self confidence is a must. You can go into a fight with all the right training but have lost before the opening bell ring if you doubt yourself or don't see your victory in your head - visualise yourself knocking your opponent to the canvas. Trust and listen to your coach and to your team - a word of encouragement or a tactical suggestion can be vital.

Set your alarm

Early nights are good for recovery - and also necessary to help rest you properly for those early morning training sessions. Your body is in a fat burning state prior to waking up which assists in cutting weight and building lean muscle.

There really is no cutting corners in this sport, whatever level your competing at. As the saying goes - you can't play boxing!


Louis Fielding

Team Dynamic Boxing
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