Who Are KIKI Health?

Aiming to promote a healthy diet and lifestyle, with a range suitable for vegetarians and vegans: we sat down with KIKI Health to find out more about them.

How did KIKI Health start?

KIKI Ltd began in 1999 with 2 food supplements: Body Biotics (formally known as Nature’s Biotics) and Nature’s Living Superfood.  The CEO’s passion was to share the power of superfoods and pure supplements, and to educate people about the differences of synthetic vs plant-based wholefoods. He gradually increased the collection and today we have over 28 food supplements and superfoods.

The KIKI Collection was developed cautiously to ensure that we only sourced and manufactured high grade quality ingredients from ethical farmers.

What makes KIKI Health products superior?

Our collection of Superfoods and Supplements are packed with potent, immunity, energy and beauty-boosting extracts, vitamins, minerals and probiotics. This comprehensive collection of gluten, dairy and wheat free powders, oils, tablets and capsules is the secret to becoming the best ‘you’ possible.

We are dedicated to sharing the life-changing benefits of pure power foods. Our passion is to source ingredients of the highest quality, purity and integrity from around the globe.  Each product is ethically combined to preserve and maximise the beneficial and potent elements of each powerful ingredient to ensure optimum nutrition, recognition and absorbency by the body.

KIKI Health Organic Pea Protein

Do KIKI Health supplements support high impact sport training as well as other, non-natural supplements?

Yes, we offer a range of supplements that can support your training. The Hemp and Pea Protein are a perfect addition to your fitness regime and can help your muscles recover after a work out, develop lean muscle as well as support tendon, ligaments and other body tissue health.

Our Organic Hemp Protein contains naturally occurring plant-based protein, essential fatty acids – Omega 3 and 6, amino acids and dietary fibre.

Our Organic Pea Protein Powder contains 80% plant-based protein alone with a significant amount of essential minerals that help keep your body strong.

These alternative protein powders are perfect for anyone wishing to avoid animal, dairy or whey products, as well as genetically modified materials or other added fillers and synthetics. They also offer highly absorbable protein as well as an array of other natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Our Organic Maca Powder may be used for strength and endurance. Maca root has amazing benefits, which are pretty much endless! Specifically known as a warrior food, the natives of the Andes used to prescribe to warriors in preparation for battles to increase strength and endurance. It is a blend of all 4 different colours of the maca roots, encompassing all the benefits of the maca powerhouse and offering a unique nutritional profile.

Magnesium Oil Spray is also an effective supplement for muscles. It is a high concentration of magnesium that can be sprayed directly to the area of concern and is highly absorbable through the skin and blood vessels. It supports natural muscle recovery, relieves cramping and stiffness.

KIKI Health Range

Many of our products improve and maintain digestive health. Body Biotics Capsules & Organic Nature’s Living Superfood Powder are both forms of probiotic and contain digestive enzymes that adds good bacteria to the gut: Cleansing, detoxing and maintaining a healthy gut by dislodging accumulated decay and toxic waste from the intestine walls and flush the waste out normally.

What are the key points of KIKI Health?

We believe all our products should have these 5 things:

No Nasties - We do not use anything artificial, or add any colourings.

Quality – We choose only the finest ingredients that have been harvested and cultivated in the most traditional way possible so as to retain all the nutritional properties of each ingredient.

Consistency  The quality level of each product is always high, creating customer confidence and loyalty in each and every product.

Ethical & Authentic We ensure that every step of the manufacturing process uses an ethical and sustainable procedure that guarantees the ingredient stays as true to its natural form as possible.

Purity KIKI Health is committed to the use of 100% active ingredients. Binders and fillers are always avoided.


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