Who Are Medi-Evil Nutrition?

Medi-Evil Nutrition are a UK Sports Nutrition company who have taken the market by storm. Set up in 2013, it was created by an ex GB track & field athlete with extensive experience in the nutrition industry, and an ex competitive Bodybuilder who had a successful Sports Nutrition shop.  Their vision was to make exceptional sports nutrition products using the newest and most innovative formulas that were financially accessible to all. What’s different about Medi-Evil Nutrition is that they make all of their products themselves in the UK so that they are suitable for drug tested athletes and those serving in the armed forces or police and where possible do not contain any additives, packing agents or fillers, making their products as pure as you can get.

Medi-Evil Nutrition products will give you the performance and gains you want without you having to break the bank to get them. Their award-winning and top selling fat burner, Excalibur, and recently released Pre-Workout and Testosterone-Booster are indicative of how the brand has been born and is developing with the market alongside their range of other established products.


Medi-Evil Nutrition are also one of the most rapidly growing UK companies whose exclusive online partners include us, Dynamic Supplements. They provide us with regular, exclusive deals for our customers whilst informing us of new, exciting product lines in the works, meaning you get VIP access to this amazing brand.

Medi-Evil Nutrition have just launched their first SKY TV advert campaign to really bolster the brand and accelerate their brand and product awareness to those who are unaware of what they are and what they do.

As one of the few British brands out there who manufacture and run every component of their business from the UK, they are an outfit to be truly proud of!

Watch The Medi-Evil Sky Advert
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