Your Bulking Meal Plan

If you’re focusing on gaining mass, we’ve got the ideal meal plan for you to follow.

Macro intake depends on your bodyweight for bulking. Below, you can see how much protein, fat, calories and carbs you should be taking in for optimum bulking. Working to a macro split of 60% Carbs, 20% Protein, and 20% Fats is the best split for gaining mass.

  • CALORIES: 16 per pound of bodyweight. E.g. 16 x 175lbs = 2,800 calories
  • PROTEIN: 1g per pound of body weight. E.g. 1g x 175lbs = 175g protein
  • FAT: 25% of calories. Fat contains 9 calories per gram. E.g. 2,800 calories x 0.25 = 700 calories. (75 grams)
  • CARBS: Remaining calories. Carbs contain 4 calories per gram. E.g. 2,800 – 700 – 700 = 1,400 calories (350g carbs)

The most important thing to remember when bulking is to eat well and often – your aim is to build muscle and mass, but not add fat.

7:30am – Breakfast

  • Generous serving of oats with skimmed milk
  • Large banana
  • 350ml of cooked egg whites
  • Tbsp of flaxseed oil
  • Fruit juice or hot beverage

10 – 10:30am

  • 200g of tinned tuna
  • 150g long grain brown rice
  • Generous serving of mixed veg

12:30pm – Lunch

  • Chicken breast
  • Large baked potato
  • Item of fruit


  • Serving of a protein blend product or lean steak
  • 150g wholemeal pasta
  • Mixed nuts and seeds

30 minutes before training

  • 20g of whey protein in water


  • 40g of whey protein with 50g of dextrose or maltodextrin


  • 200g of cooked salmon
  • 250g sweet potato
  • Serving of veg


  • Tub of cottage cheese or serving of protein blend
  • Serving of oats with skimmed milk

Follow this meal plan religiously and you’ll soon start to see the benefits!

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