Your Training Guide for Bulking Up

If you’re goal is to bulk up and put on size, follow our basic guidelines and you won’t go wrong!

We’ve got the bread and butter information that any bodybuilder should know in order to achieve their goals and train in the correct way to obtain serious MASS!

Gaining mass is all about training HEAVY, HARD, and with LOW REPS. Beasting the muscle in this way will stimulate growth through muscle fibre damage and then repair.

1) Target Specific Muscle Groups

Doing a split routine is most effective. Group your target muscles into days (e.g. Mon - Chest & Triceps, Tue - Back & Biceps, etc). This way you are training one muscle at a time, focusing your efforts on a specific area and subjecting them to enough stimulation for growth.

2) Work Large to Small

Always work larger muscles first and smaller second (e.g. Chest then Triceps). Perform ‘compound’ multi joint movements first (e.g. Bench Press) and ‘isolation’ single joint movements second (e.g. Chest Fly’s).

3) Reps, Sets, Rest Period, and Frequency

Perform between 10-15 reps per set (with a weight heavy enough so you can only just complete desired reps)

Perform 3 sets per exercise (9-12 sets total for bigger muscles and 6-9 sets total for smaller ones)

Rest 1-2 minutes between sets (this keeps heart rate up for fat burning and testosterone levels peaked)

Train each muscle 1-2 times per week

Perform each rep with a speed of 1 second for the concentric contraction (push or pull) and 2 seconds on the eccentric (lowering phase). Use a full range of movement, strict technique, and breath out when performing the ‘effort’ (lift or pull).

4) Breathing, Speed of Movement, Range of Motion, Correct Form

Always breath out when you perform the ‘effort’ (e.g. Bench Press, breathe out on the push up. Lat Pulldown, breathe out on the pull down). Speed of the movements should be 2 secs up and 2 secs down. Perform all exercises in a FULL range of motion. Correct form is CRUCIAL! Don’t cheat, do it properly!

5) Cardio

Perform 20 minutes of moderate intensity cardio (jogging) immediately after your weights session. By doing this after hitting the weights when muscle glycogen is low, the body turns to fat for its main fuel source burning CONSIDERABLY more fat in a shorter amount of time. 20 minutes is sufficient, any longer and you’ll risk burning muscle tissue and that exactly the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. Also, bear in mind total workout time shouldn’t be longer than 1hr 30 for this same reason.

6) Rest

This is important so listen up! We go in the gym to train and essentially ‘damage’ our muscles. All your growth happens outside of the gym so make sure your taking in the proper nutrition (food & bodybuilding supplements) and resting, otherwise you won’t grow! Try to get 7-8 hours sleep and never train a muscle that is sore as this will hinder its growth due to it not being recovered.

Fine-tune your physique and work towards a chiselled, rock-hard look using this guide to greatness. To achieve that lean look we all crave, diet plays a substantial roll, but make these adjustments to your training regime and watch new bumps start to sprout!

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