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  1. Protalean Optimiz-R Multi Vitamin - 120ct (HALF PRICE) sale

    Regular Price: £16.99

    Special Price £8.49

    Protalean Nutrition Optimiz-R Multivitamin is specially designed for modern athletes and individuals undertaking demanding physical activity. Optimiz-R contains a complete spectrum of Vitamins and Minerals in a perfectly balanced ratio giving the body what it requires to perform at its best. Opitimiz-R will help to fill in any missing nutritional defects in your diet in order to optimise performance. Taking Optimiz-R will increase mental and physical vitality, strengthen your immune system and improve the body’s ability to recover from intense physical activity.

  2. "New You" Starter Pack (Worth £37.97)
    Need a little getting back into the swing of training? This starter pack has the perfect combination to help get your training started.
  3. New Year Detox Bundle
    This Detox Bundle is the perfect remedy to help cleanse your body and get you back to your best.
  4. Winter Wellness Bundle
    Keep your body in peak condition through the cold Winter months with this trio amazing health supplements.
  5. Protalean Lean Muscle Bundle (Worth £87.47) sale
    Whether you're shredding or just want to add some more definition the Lean Muscle Bundle from Protalean Nutrition is a must have!
  6. Protalean Fat Loss Bundle (Worth £54.98) sale
    With a Diet Whey to rival PhD Nutrition's, the Fat Loss Bundle from Protalean Nutrition can help your weight-loss goal.
  7. Protalean Muscle Mass Bundle (Worth £97.97) sale
    If your goal is to bulk up, Protalean Nutrition have the answer with their Muscle Mass Bundle!
  8. Protalean Vitamins & Supplements Selection (Worth £44.47) sale
    A whole body boosting Vitamins & Supplements Selection from Protalean Nutrition designed to keep your body healthy.
  9. Protalean Premium Whey Protein 8.0 - 2.25kg sale

    Regular Price: £44.99

    Special Price £22.50

    Our Best Selling Protein Powder!

    Premium Whey Protein 8.0 is an 80% Whey Protein Formula containing high quality instantised, de-lactosed pure whey isolate, concentrate and hydrolysed whey.

    Premium Whey Protein 8.0 contains 24g of protein, 1.65g of carbs, and just 1.56g of fat per serving. It also contains high levels of BCAA’s and Glutamine which are important for the growth and repair of muscle tissue.

  10. Protalean Pro Diet Whey+ - 2.25kg sale

    Regular Price: £39.99

    Special Price £20.00

    Pro Diet Whey+ has been designed for those who are looking for a protein shake that doesn’t just help them maintain, repair and increase lean muscle, but also helps to shed those extra pounds of body fat as well! Even with all these added fat fighting components, Protalean’s Pro Diet Whey+ still has a massive 31g of protein per serving, whilst maintaining extremely low levels of fats and carbohydrates.
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